Zirconia Dental Crowns

PFM crowns to Zirconia

Your visit will include an assessment of your periodontal condition and gingival health. Oftentimes, old crowns with metal margins will cause inflamation in the gums and can lead to recession. In such cases, there  is an unaesthetic black line that appears just underneath the gums. In reality, the margin of the crown will show through.


It has been reported that 9% of males and up to 13% of females are allergic to Nickel. In most instances the old crowns that contain a mixture of metals will have trace amounts of Nickel thus the patient will exhibit mild allergic reactions which may be the cause of the inflamation. 


Zirconia crowns offer a great alternative to previous crown materials in that they are both bio-compatible and esthetic. Zirconia offers great strength for durabilty and can even be layered with porcelain to provide that natural translucency that is importnat when working on front teeth. 


The process is painless and simple. The old metal crowns are removed. Usually there is little or no drilling needed. The dentsit will take an impression and within two weeks you have beautiful, natrual looking teeth!

Century City Orthodontics Dr. Shawn Saidian

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