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Achieving straighter teeth by wearing braces for a few years isn’t always easy. When you finally make it to the day your braces come off for good, it's important to use retainers to keep your teeth in the proper position. At Century City Smiles, Shawn Saidian, DDS, and Tania Ohebsion, DDS, provide customized retainers to ensure your teeth stay in their proper position. Schedule a consultation by calling the Los Angeles office in Century City, California, or booking online.

Retainers Q & A

What is a retainer?

A retainer can be a removable or bonded orthodontic device. The team at Century City Smiles may recommend a retainer after you finish treatment with braces, as retainers maintain your teeth in the corrected position.

Your provider utilizes teeth molds to have your retainer custom-made for your mouth. This ensures a comfortable, secure fit.

Your retainer is made of durable, clear materials and won’t be as noticeable as your braces.

Why do I need a retainer?

Teeth have a tendency to move over time and retainers will help maintain your corrected bite.

Following your treatment with braces, it takes time for your tissue and bone to stabilize. 

A retainer ensures that your teeth stay in place while they stabilize, and prevents new gaps and spaces from developing.

How long do I need to wear a retainer?

Your provider examines your teeth following the removal of your braces to determine what type of retainer is necessary and how you need to wear it.

Depending on the reason for your braces, the team at Century City Smiles may recommend wearing a retainer full time for 6-12 months. As your teeth begin to stabilize, you may only need to wear the retainer at night.

It can take 2-3 days to adapt to the feel of your retainer at first, and you may have more saliva than usual. Over time, you will learn to speak properly and feel comfortable wearing a retainer.

How do I care for my retainer?

You need to clean your removable retainer after every meal, using a gentle toothbrush and a little bit of toothpaste. Rinse your retainer thoroughly with tap water and make sure you brush your teeth before placing the retainer back in your mouth.

When not wearing your retainer, keep it in a retainer case to prevent damage and loss. The team at Century City Smiles periodically checks the condition of your retainer to ensure it’s free of defects and signs of excessive wear-and-tear. If you damage your retainer, make an appointment right away for a replacement.

To learn more about the benefits of wearing a retainer, schedule an appointment by calling the office or booking online.