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When you have a dental emergency, like breaking or knocking out a tooth, you need a dentist you can trust who can help you in a crisis. At Century City Smiles & Orthodontics in Westwood, California, Shawn Saidian, DDS, offers flexible scheduling for emergency dentistry appointments. You’re always welcome to schedule an appointment over the phone, online, or walk into the office.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is a dental emergency?

In general, anytime you experience sudden tooth or oral pain, or experience trauma to your mouth, it’s important to contact an emergency dentist. Dr. Saidian encourages you to come in as soon as possible if you have:

  • Red and swollen gums 
  • Visible pus or bleeding near a tooth
  • A fractured, broken, or knocked-out tooth
  • Laceration to your tongue or inner cheeks

You should also check in with an emergency dentist right away if you have sudden, severe tooth sensitivity. This is a possible sign of tooth damage or a serious infection. 

Which emergency dentistry treatments are available?

At Century City Smiles & Orthodontics, you can expect comprehensive emergency dental care for every member of your family. When you come in for an urgent issue, Dr. Saidian examines you and collects X-ray images (if necessary) to quickly get to the root of your condition.

After examining you and discussing your symptoms, your dentist counsels you about which treatments you’re going to need. Some of the most common emergency dental treatments include:

  • Composite bonding to repair cracks
  • Fillings for cavities and decay
  • Root canals for deep infections
  • Sutures for any serious cuts
  • Removal of foreign objects

Dr. Saidian can also perform oral surgery to set a knocked-out tooth back into its socket.

How do I prepare for an emergency dentistry visit?

Before coming into Century City Smiles & Orthodontics for your emergency dentistry visit, it’s helpful to have a few things in order. 

For instance, if you knocked out a tooth, it’s important to keep it moist and to protect the root. Place it in a small container and cover it with your saliva or milk as soon as your injury occurs.

You should also bring in:

  • Valid identification
  • Updated insurance information
  • A current list of medications and allergies

Dr. Saidian understands how overwhelming a dental emergency can be. and provide compassionate care and ensure you’re comfortable throughout your treatment process.

Century City Smiles & Orthodontics provides same-day emergency dentistry services. You can book an appointment online or call the office for an immediate appointment.