As late as the last pandemic, spittoons could be found everywhere, in
banks, restaurants, offices, wherever people went, a spittoon could be
found. Spittle died down when its connection to TB went public and
despite the tenacious cultural nod of spit to bash demons or apprise
guilt, it seemed to have dried up. As such, spittoons which were the
hired gun in litter patrol retired to wine tastings and dental office

This autumn, with an emergence of spitting in popular culture via three
media offerings (Dune, Ted Lasso, Succession) and given our Covid-19
pandemic, we know what to expect if we are to be engrossed once
again. We know why words like spitting images and bird's nest soup are
met with favor, because we know about spit.
Spit or saliva is wonderful, in the mouth it supports speech, neutralizes
acids, kills germs, provides minerals to ensure sound teeth and breaks
down food molecules releasing flavor, without spit we would experience
sores, fungal infections, cavities, gum disease and have a heck of a
time swallowing. So yes, internal spit is good and not something we
want to compromise.

Preserving well-flowing saliva involves age-adjusted fluid intake,
inhibiting the use of drying agents (alcohol, tobacco, caffeine) and
enjoying aromas. Posture plays a part as well, standing seems to create
more saliva and lying down less. Furthermore, diminished saliva is
associated with at least five hundred medications.

Unhealthy saliva is a body’s pandemic, consistent dental check-ups are
both stabilizing and restorative.
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