The first step involves making a consultation appoitment with our in house Orthodontist, Dr. Tania Ohebsion.  Many offices offer Invaslign™ but it is extremely important that a licensed, trained orthodontist is monitoring your case. This ensures that the case is completed in an efficient manner and that it ensures that you are completely satisfied with the results.  

Invisalign™ has been the trusted name brand to correct misallignment of teeth. Beware there are many imposters out there. Only Invasign has the track record and expertise to ensure that your treatment is done properly.

Painless orthodontic care at its finest! Invasign™ is great for teens and young adults as well. It is a great alternative to the old metal braces of the past and offers a easy and simple way to have the straight teeth you've always wanted. 

Century City Orthodontics Dr. Shawn Saidian

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